Modern Technology

Digital Radiography

As part of our constant focus on using the best technology available in dentistry, we utilize the DEXIS digital X-ray machine. We will always try to take the minimum number of x-rays needed for your situation, but when we do take them by using our digital X-ray machine, you will be receiving the lowest possible dose of radiation available in dentistry. The value of these X-rays form our digital X-ray machine is in the benefit we receive for diagnosing decay, bone loss or other pathology versus the minuscule amount of radiation they emit. Radiation sources in our daily lives are constantly all around us. The digital X-rays at our office are only about 0.005 mSv (millisieverts) of radiation for each X-ray. The yearly average for someone in the U.S. is about 3 mSv per year, so you would need to have about 600 x-rays at our office to reach your yearly equivalent of constant background radiation.

Another benefit to using digital X-ray machines is the ease with which we can manipulate the image to magnify the images and show it to you on our 24-inch computer monitors so you can easily see what we are diagnosing and understand the treatment you may need.

The final benefit is that we can instantly send your images to specialists and your insurance company

Intra-oral camera

Another part of their diagnosing tools that Drs. Cutler and Grundmann utilize is an intra-oral camera. This piece of technology is a miniature digital camera that can focus down to the smallest details of cracks, decay or other pathology. It allows us to magnify the area onto a computer monitor so we can show you a precise, enlarged image to see details that you could not see in a mirror. This allows us to help you better understand your dental conditions and any treatment needed to correct the problem.


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